The Victoria Multicultural Business Connector (VMBC) is a group of professional immigrants & business owners in Victoria B.C. that is committed to establishing multicultural incubators and opportunities for professionals. VMBC has created a platform for Victoria’s immigrants to flourish their ideas into reality and help them to overcome obstacles. VMBC assists immigrants to find their path to success.

Our next event is on October 3rd, 2019

Lessons from a Journey from There to Here with Robert Volkwyn

In this month’s presentation, Robert Volkwyn will speak about the challenges and lessons from his journey of migrating from South Africa to Victoria.

Robert will share his experience and the lessons learned from moving from the other side of the earth to Victoria. While modern aviation technology made the physical move relatively easy, it was the “moving of the mind” that has presented the real challenge. In this discussion, Robert will explore a few fundamental mind-shifts that helped make the journey a success.

Robert Volkwyn has more than 30 years business experience, mostly as an entrepreneur. He founded his first company, a successful South African municipal software business in 1990. In 1995, he founded his second company, one that provided mapping software to customers all around the globe. After moving to Canada in 2015, he founded his third company which offers management consulting services. Beyond his success in business, Robert is also the author of the book, The Strategic Value of Data.

His curious nature has led him to explore many diverse subjects ranging from business coaching, self-esteem facilitation, an interest in nutrition, homeopathic modalities, and even tennis coaching! This has led to his being licensed as a facilitator of The Change Journey and a Neethling Brain Profiling Practitioner. He thrives on solving complex problems. His qualifications include a Chartered Engineer, a certified Project Management Professional, a Chartered IT Professional, and an MBA.

Robert hails from Johannesburg, South Africa and now lives in Victoria with his wife and family.

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VMBC Networking events are open (but not limited) to:

  • Business owners, entrepreneurs, investors, sponsors
  • Volunteers, and people looking to gain Canadian experience.
  • Engineers, architects, and technicians
  • Doctors, practitioners, lawyers
  • Advisors, consultants, professionals

VMBC members enjoy the benefits to:

  • Introducing and sharing ideas, products, expertise, and services
  • Building a great and influential network
  • Find partners, investors
  • Easily overcome obstacles

The foreign exposure and operations in Victoria are constantly increasing, yet the common hardships; such as, lack of local knowledge, networking, funds, etc. still prevail. VMBC aims to address the questions or concerns of foreigners, who are business owners or planning to establish their businesses or; all professionals trying to break into the professional job market.

Surrounded by volunteers, professionals, sponsors and investors from a variety of sectors, information and networks are constantly refreshed and available.

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