The Team

Jennifer Almeida


Jennifer Almeida is the founder of Victoria Multicultural Business Connector.  She is originally from Malaysia and has been living in Victoria for the last 12 years.  Her work experience spans over several countries: Malaysia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland.  She is a contractor in marketing and event management, and runs her telecommunication and energy business.  Newcomers have gravitated to her for answers, directions and solutions to their business. This was a catalyst in starting the Victoria Multicultural Business Connector.

Evgenia Pavlenko


Evgenia is a creative mind and supports VMBC’s social events and social media.

Evgenia is passionate about stories, media, and art. She wants to create stories and build worlds. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Professional Communications at Royal Roads University, Victoria.

Originating from Khabarovsk, Russia’s Far Eastern Capital, Evgenia developed a unique perspective of the world in-between both eastern and western cultures. From a combination of her experiences in both Russia and Canada and her academic studies, Evgenia aspires to create impactful stories and reach out to marginalized groups.

Yossi Boeno 


Yossi Boeno is an entrepreneur with extensive experience of different sectors including, but not limited to, bubble gum manufacturing, document digitizing & management, and e-commerce.

Among his other operations, partnering with Frutsi Bubble Gum Factory and increasing value by 200 % within two years was noteworthy. His other venture was establishing and acting as a CEO in DataSafe which was the pioneer company in Document Management sector in Turkey. After the acquisition of this company, he was involved in another startup in e-commerce sector with successful results. He is also involved in residential and commercial international real estate operations. Yossi is currently living in Victoria, BC with his family, and building up a precision agriculture company among many other potential ventures.

Victoria Tkachenko


Victoria is an accomplished Marketing Specialist and is the driving force behind VMBC marketing.

Originally from Ukraine, Victoria spent over 5 years studying International Business & Economics both in Ukraine and Canada.  Over the years, she has gained tangible experience working with small and medium business by effectively assisting in market their products and services, promoting brands, working on business development strategies and sorting out administrative processes. Victoria’s rich experience and diverse background in both organizational and people culture enables her add value to the VMBC Team, by leading online marketing and promotions stream.

Her business experience coupled with her passion to learn and understand ethnic groups is a true asset to our team.

Geny Yam


Geny was born in Nova Scotia.  After leaving school, she travelled to the US to learn and study different cultures,  such as Asian and, Italian.

After many years of study to obtain a BEd in Education, with a focus on Geopolitical Issues and, Multicultural Studies, Geny came to the beautiful city of Victoria.   There she opened a Holistic Health Clinic. She has a great interest in Optimal Nutrition and Fitness.
She strives to support and encourage efforts to bring diverse cultures together.  This will build relationships based on understanding and respect!

Stefanie Burkert

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Stefanie is an experienced traveller. She left her home in Berlin, Germany to travel the Pacific Northwest in September 2017 and decided to stay on Vancouver Island, as it is one of the most unique spots she has ever been to. Being a multilingual translator with many years of experience in managing office life, she started working as an Operations Manager at theDock – Centre for Social Impact in December 2017. In the name of theDock she joined the VMBC, as both share the same values: connect.create.collaborate.
Stefanie has a Diploma in technical translation and a Master of Science in Scientific Communication and enjoys creating a positive (working) environment for her community.